Pain during and after sex 5 months post Lletz (x 2)

Hi all. Hope you’re well.

I had 2 lletz treatments 5 months ago for early stage cervical cancer.

I did develop a Strep infection after the first lletz so had lots of pain and bleeding. I had my second lletz only 4 weeks after the first which was incredibly painful.

When the consultant had finished my op she did say I had almost no cervix left.

I am now having almost constant dull aching in my tummy and quite bad pain during sex. No irregular bleeding.

I have my checkup next month (scary), so obviously will ask if that’s normal then but just wondered if any of you have also experienced this so long after the treatment?

Thanks xx

Hi I had the same treatment for early cancer, second one under GA. I didn't have pain during sex but for a few months I did have twingy pains. I didn't have sex for about 12 weeks after though. Good luck for your check up,  I know how scary it is x

Thanks for taking the time to reply Libby. I'm glad you're pain has gone. Hope you're in the clear now x