Pain during sex after lletz treatment

Hi ladies

I was treated for cin3 at the end of June, I suffered with a few infections afterwards and was in quite a lot of pain, along with heavy bleeding for a while.

I was just wondering if anyone experienced pain during sex, and sometimes sharp stabbing pains on and off. It's been a few months down the line now, and I find it very uncomfortable that much i can't have sex and spot blood afterwards. 


Any help or advice would be appreciated x

Hiya Sadie,

I can only imagine that the infections may have slowed down the recovery process so you might still be very sore/sensitive. Also, a few others on here have said that because the LLETZ removes quite a lot of tissue/cells from your cervix, the heeled tissue underneath is much more sensitive as it hasn't been touched before and might take some adjusting. If I was you I would go back to my doctor just to be 100% sure of what is what. If this process teaches us anything it's don't ignore unusual signs and don't be fobbed off!