Ovarian cancer

Hi everyone, 

I've come on here today to see if anybody has been through a similar situation to me. I have trawled through the forum on topics on Ovarian cancer scares after having cervical cancer. 

Basically I am 1 year on from cervical cancer treatment (stage 2b with lymph node involvement, radical hysterectomy (womb, cervix, tubes, lymph nodes removed) but ovaries kept!) My margins were not great so I had to have chemo/radio/bracytherapy also

Fast forward for the past year I have complained to so many medical professionals including my consultant, A&E doctors of pain swelling burning sensation inside. My GP has now felt a lump in my abdomen so has put me on an emergency pathway with the hospital to test for ovarian cancer. Has anybody else been through this process on here? Just wondering what to expect.

Ultrasound today has confirmed I have cysts on both ovaries :( but further investigation to determine if they are cancerous or not. I have read on here that people have experienced cysts after treatment but always seems to be on 1 ovary, so really worried!

Thanks for your time

Kay xx

Hi Kay!

going through something similar myself atm. I had my first CT scan after treatment, consultant called me and was like everything looks ok nothing sinister but your ovaries are enlarged and you have cysts on them (I’d been in pain and been to a&e about it, they did an ultrasound and saw a cyst on my left ovary before this) didn’t think anything more of it and she said she would call me after the MDT meeting to discuss it. 

Turns out one of the consultants wasn’t happy with one of the lesions because it looked a bit suspicious but she said they honestly weren’t sure what it was. She basically said I can’t give you good news I can’t give you bad news but we are sending you for a PET CT to check it out further. I’m just waiting on my results from that now. Obviously worried and read up on it loads but clinging onto the fact that it’s hard to differentiate things from cancer on a CT scan. I’m hoping it comes back all clear, I had a hysterectomy and radiotherapy which I only finished the end of May and I was scanned 2 months after that which seems very soon compared to other ladies on here. Seems like a very short space of time for everything to kick off again considering my radio was only for one slightly closed margin on my hysterectomy l had no nodes involved or anything like that  

I’m hoping yours turns out to be a case of over cautious doctors as well. I’d be happy that they are being so cautious. Do update me with what happens please. I posted a topic about mine a couple of weeks ago but nobody replied. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone with ovary issues. 

Alice xx

Hi Alice, 

I'm so sorry it has taken me this long to reply, and so sorry to hear all that you have been through too. 

Firstly I think it is amazing that you have been sent for scans after your treatment. I no how hard doctors work to care for us all, but I never understood why I was never sent for scans after my op and treatment, as I feel now they may have picked this up quicker. 

Sorry to hear that they found something suspicious on your scan, but like you said I have everything crossed for you that they are just really good doctors being over cautious!!

Don't feel obliged to answer any of my questions, but have you had your results from your pet scan yet? I remember how scary it is waiting round for one of those.

I feel the same at the moment, clinging on to the fact that I haven't had any dramatic weight loss like last time, and also would it grow so rapidly in a short space of time if it were cancer?!

Can't get my head around it all, I have had an ultrasound which showed cysts on both ovaries. When I met with a new consultant she told me one is measuring 14cm and the other 8cm frown. It just upsets me really that I have complained for months, at every 4 monthly check up of pain, burning, swelling etc and no medical professional has thought to check it out. You do sorta put your life in their hands.

It's only now I no it is indeed cysts or potentially cancer, and I've looked into it, that every symptom I have told the consultant about, is symptoms of ovarian cysts/cancer. So feeling a bit let down at the moment!!

Can I just ask aswell if you had a CA125 blood test? Mine come back as 100

I do hope you get good news Alice, I'm not much good on here either, but just message me anytime and I'll get back to you. Can I ask how old you are? I'm 30 but was diagnosed at 28 and it's been a burden ever since!! Hopin I get good news too. Take care love xx