Other half

I was diagnosed last month with cervical cancer I have had a fairly quick journey so far and have been told I will be having a full hysterectomy in September. I have coped with this told my family. My kids have been absolutely amazing and supportive. My husband on the other hand has just pulled away from me. He has become moody doesn’t even look at me. He even sleeps as far away from me as he can. I used to get a kiss before he left the house. Now he just leaves doesn’t even say Goodbye. He won’t talk about it but if I arrange appointments without asking him to take me he goes into a mood.
My question is has anybody elses other half completely shut down like this?
Is it a normal reaction?
I understand that he has to deal with it his own way but at the moment I’m scared and I really need not to be going through this alone.

@Eigna I just wanted to reply to say that you are definitely not alone with this - there are loads of women on here who are a great support. Have you tried talking to your husband about it? My guess is that he’s just scared and this is his way of coping - not ideal I know but people react to these things so differently. It might be worth arranging something for just the 2 of you before your surgery - something just chilled out & relaxed and then you could try and broach the subject then. My sister went through treatment for breast cancer & she always said that even with grueling chemo, surgery etc. that it’s much harder on those around you as they don’t truly know how you’re feeling on top of the worry that they’re experiencing and I think she might actually have something with that. I’m not trying to take away from what you’re going through as it’s such a tough time for you too - just add a slightly different perspective. Sending hugs your way & vent on here anytime you need, there will be loads of other women in the same position as you. x

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