Options after LLETZ for high grade cgin

Hi all,

i had a LLETZ treatment to remove high grade cgin last Friday. Am worried about it reoccurring and having to undergo a hysterectomy. I’m 30 and My partner and I want to have a family but have no children yet. 

I recently discovered the McIndoe gynocology clinic on Harley street and was wondering if anyone had had treatment there and if they would recommend it.

their website recommends having the HPV vaccine after the removal of CIN or CGIN to prevent reoccurance but my NHS doctor didn’t even mention this. They also offer a treatment for HPV to remove infected cells without the damage to the surrounding area that LLETZ can do. Again, not mentioned by my nhs doctor. I have never had private medical treatment and it is not something that would be easily affordable for me and am wondering if it’s just a money spinner for them or whether it really works. Any advice??