Confused CGIN


This is my first post and really need some help as right now I’m totally confused!

Last year I was informed I have the HPV virus, follow up smear revealed abnormal results. First Lletz treatment confirmed in nurses words ‘severe high grade CGIN and a suspected focal point of cancer’.
MRI revealed a lesion which one radiologist believed to be stage 1 cancer.
Second radiologist asked for second lletz treatment to confirm if it was definitely cancer and if not then simple hysterectomy would be suffice, if cancer than radical hysterectomy.

Today I have been informed the second biopsy was completely clear of all CGIN, no cancer so lesion must be scar tissue. No hysterectomy recommended as I’d be on a waiting list for over a year so no point.

I am totally confused and shocked to be told conflicting information throughout this process.

Has anyone had a similar experience and can I be confident that two lletz is treatment in itself for CGIN?

Hello yes definitely some confusing information specially from your 2 radiologist one confirming cancer second not sure and asking for 2 Lletz .
But I believe your outcome was really good no cancer and 2 Lletz confirmed all is gone no CGIN. yes definitely Lletz can clear CGIN it did for me. I had CIN3 and CGIN.
Hopefully they will monitor you close because of the CGIN that is what they are doing with me.
When did they tell you to go back?
But congrats it looks like your Lletz was a total success.

Thank you for replying! I had CIN3 too.
Do you have 6 monthly smears now?

I had a 3 months after Lletz check all good and in November had my 6 months still HPV positive but no abnormalities. Now going again in 6 months. She said minimum 6 months check for 2 years and then yearly like my usual. I go private so I go yearly.

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