Oh no...recurrence:(

Hi ladies,

Got biopsy results back today from what was thought to be granulation tissue.  Not good!  Cancerous cells found that are identical to my original tumour.  Next step is for scans to ascertain whether or there's been any further spread. Another wait begins...

Trying to be positive but struggling...looking for hopeful/helpful thoughts or comments.


Linda x

April '18 colonoscopy polyp found, further tests showed 1b1 adenocarcinoma cc (no hpv)

June '18 radical hysterectomy (laparascopic) lymph nodes removed

July '18 all clear, no further treatment 

3 monthly checks

Nov '18 lymphedema diagnosed

Dec '18 bleeding after sex -  silver nitrate applied

Mar '18 more silver nitrate, (biopsy taken from what was thought to be granulation tissue)

April '19 recurrence confirmed


I an am sorry to hear this news.

Looking at your signature it looks like you have never had radiation therapy. Assuming it has not spread outside the pelvis then that will be a potential curative option for you.

Disappointing, and a pain in the ass for you, but it is doable. Good luck!

Karen x 

Thanks, Karen.  And thanks for your hundreds of other positive comments on this forum. xx

Hi Linwoo,

I was the same stage as you and have just had a recurrence. Waiting to find out if it has spread is stressful but hopefully you don’t have to wait to long. As Karen said as you haven’t had radiation previously, if it’s confined it’s very likely to be curative. I start treatment on the 15th. I’m thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.

Tess x 


Hi There 

i am almost 4 years post recurrence , initially 1B1 adenocarcinoma in 2013 , had radical hysterectomy no further treatment required. 2015 had recurrence to ovary ( they left ovaries in) , no further spread identifed , went on to have curative treatment ,surgery to remove the ovary  ,chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Still NED .  I just wanted to share a positive recurrence experience. 

Keeping everythng crossed for you , xx

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Thanks for your comments, Tess, and good luck with your treatment. x

Thanks so much for sharing x

Thank you. Evil disease. If one tiny thing helps somebody then I will keep on.posting. Good luck. 

Hi have nothing really to say but sending you positive vibes just out from radical hysterectomy ovaries left myself no further treatment needed I hope everything goes well for you 


Im new on here and sorry to hijak these posts but they seemed relevant to my situation.

Im feeling rather scared & terrified as I had a recurrence to my ovary in Jan this year having finished treatment for a 1B2 adenocarcinoma in Nov 2017.  

Had debulking surgery in Jan, ovaries removed, appendix & omentum. No spread but confirmed as CC recurrence. 

Makes me wonder if it was there all along on my ovary as when I had brachytherapy the scan showed a ‘cyst’ on my ovary which was never followed up!!

I am now having chemo - carbo, taxol & avastin - as belts and braces approach. 

A scan a month post surgery & before chemo showed 3 tiny tiny spots on my lungs.  A recent scan has shown nothing and was all clear. The Dr said lungs are very tricky and could be infection or something sinister.  I had not long had surgery either.  

I know I should be really positive that the scan was clear but just need to hear positive stories/reassurance about recurrence.

I have 2 more chemos left and the Dr may add in a couple more at the end.

It would be great to hear from anyone & best wishes xxx