Odd brachytherapy side effect

Hi ladies,
I started my brachytherapy treatment yesterday. I’ll be having 5 total treatments of 6 gray dose, each.
I came home last night from the first session feeling pretty normal, aside from some irritation from the urinary catheter, and some soreness.
When I went pee last night, I noticed I was basically “queefing” from my vagina and it sounded wet, like maybe it was some gel or lubricant leftover from the procedure?
It happened again this morning when I went pee.
Anyone else have this side effect? Is this normal or is it a sign of something more serious?

I’ve already messaged my radiation oncologist about it. I just wanted to know of other experiences with this. Tell me I’m not alone!?


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I’m sorry to say, but after brachy you might find that all manner of things come out of your vag. I was convinced I was permanently incontinent because I swear I had more than a month of liquid pee esque discharge. It did finally stop and now alls golden (sorry about the pun!:joy:)

You’re not alone. During my brachy I had an insane amount of discharge every day. There was discharge when I coughed, discharge when I stood up, sat down. I had to change large sized pads at least 3 times a day. My oncologist said it happens and it could sometimes mean the tumor is melting, which is a good thing.