Watery discharge after sex



I finished chemo/ rad in October and have been taking it easy with my other half. I'm still very sensitive. I didn't have brachytherapy as my margins were clear there after the hysterectomy (lymph involvement  so I had chem rad as a precaution.)  


Last night we were a little more rigourous and I have had a watery discharge a little bloody but mostly yellowish. We heard a pop so aborted the action! 

Just spoken to McMillan nurse and she thinks it is a pocket of something, perhaps infection there and I have to go to the clinic on Friday. I'm ao anxious. Has anybody experienced this? 


N x 

No experience here, but I didn't want to not comment after reading. 

How are you feeling today ? 

Aw thank you. The pain has eased off. I have a hospital appoinment on Friday, will keep you posted. 



Glad the pain has eased. The closest I've been to this was having that awful cough.. coughed so hard I had a huge pain inside and really thought I'd torn something. That was Boxing day and luckily it wore off after a day or two. Mentioned it at my check up and doc wasn't concerned at all ?

I had my appointment today. Oncologist thinks that it is possibly an abrassion and that there might be some granulation of scar tissue. She was not overly concerned but has brought my check up appointment forward and sending me for an MRI scan as a precaution-  The waiting begins again. Frown

Same as mine. I don't quite know how to take their unconcerned attitude. I know they have probably seen it all before but it doesn't really help our anxiety.

Good that you are getting an Mri which might help pinpoint any problem My next one is the 20th March with follow up appointment on 4th April.

My anxiety is through the roof! I'm not thinking that I should have had Brachietharapy - they said I didn't need it as my margins were clear but ...

I was told I couldn't have brachy because of my hysterectomy over 10 years ago ? They didn't really explain why ?