Normal smear but symptoms

Hi im just looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience to me as nearly all of what I’ve read on line is about abnormal smears. 

Ive had light bleeding after sex for around 18 months now. I went to get checked when it first started i was given an internal inspection and swabs were taken to check for infections ect that all came back clear. I was told to wait for my smear that was due in 3 months my smear time came (March 2018)  and again that was fine. Life just got in the way and I’ve put it to the back of my head. A year on from my normal smear I’m still bleeding after intercorse and have dull pelvic pain. I went & saw a different doctor who referred me straight for a colposcopy. 

Now im really worried. 

Has anyone been sent for a colposcopy that’s had normal smear but symptoms?


Yes darling I have been having the same symptoms for 4 years now with no answers. I have had negative paps since I was 20 as well as HPV tests all negative (I am now 26). I requested a colposcopy and had biopsies done on my cervix twice and on my uterus to be safe! I still receieved negative results and negative transvaginal ultrasounds as well. One night my pelvic pain got so bad I went to the ER and demanded a CT scan on my pelvis and even that came back negative. So from 2015-2019 here I am still with no answers as to why I am bleeding between periods have pelvic pain/back pain occasional pain during sex. I even had hormone tests done but nope nothing. I dont even have any fibroids or cysts to blame and fall back on. My life is a big unanswerd mystery with 1000 gynological issues lol. I went through 2 doctors and I am onto my third one in a few weeks. Anyhow toodles and good luck on your colposcopy fingers crossed for you!!! 

Hi! I had a similar situation - light bleeding after sex and some pain. First time I noticed it I was due for a smear anyway, went and it came back normal. 6 months later still happening, so went back to GP for examination who referred me for colposcopy. Colposcopy confirmed what GP thought - in my case the bleeding is from cervical ectropion (where part of the inner cervical lining comes out past the cervix, it's sensitive so bleeds easily but just a nuisance and not a major problem). But there was also an incidental finding of abnormal cells - I got the letter today that it's CIN 1 and to go back in 12 months. The colposcopy specialist nurse said the bleeding was definitely the cervical ectropion, and that because the ectropic area was so large it wasn't abnormal for the smear to come back normal and them still find abnormal cells at biopsy. I hope yours comes back normal, though, which is definitely possible even if you had bleeding (according to my nurse anyway!)