Hpv positive, normal smear, abnormal bleeding

Last summer I had a smear, it said I was hpv positive, but a normal smear. A few months after I've had some abnormal bleeding, especially after sex, and sex sometimes feels uncomfortable, urinating alot, tummy aches, changes in bowel habits, very sore breasts and periods have changed. I went to a gynogologist. They couldnt find anything in the cervix but want me to go for further tests, especially as in the past I had abnormal cells that needed treatment. I don't know what to expect. I'm 34 could it just be premenipause? I don't want to go to appointment incase I'm wasting their time. Should I be worried?  

Hi Hoverbug1... 

Just logged on to this forum for the very first time to post a very simular post as yours with the same concerns. 

I will also be 34 in a month and am in pretty much the same postition as you currently. 

I have a history of abnormal/borderline changes from smears since first having them - always had yearly repeat smears.  Last smear (2015) was the first that came back normal.  

Past year lots has changed.

I bleed almost every time I have sex and am almost always in pain/discomfort during and afterwards.  The past 6 months I have heavy bleeding after sex.  Control of bladder at certain times of months very poor... with an urgency to urinate almost appearing in seconds.  I have very irritable bowel at times in my cycle, with my periods getting more and more irregular as time goes on.  Severe pain when ovulating from the right hand side. 

I had a colposcopy and biopsy 5 weeks ago which has come back with ungraded CIN.  So I have to go back for repeat biopsy in 2 weeks :-(.  After first biopsy I bled as expected, then it set off a period 15 days early.  Seems my cycles are getting shorter. 


I am also worried I may have HPV which has been around for a while undetected.  


You are definitely not wasting anyones time!!!!  But certainly don't worry either.  At least we are both in the system and getting it sorted. 

Whats the next step for you?