No sensation to wee

Hi Ladies, I have been reading posts on this forum since December when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1A1, although this is my first post I have to say this forum and you ladies have been so very helpful to me. 

I had a vaginal laparoscopic hysterectomy a week today, and although I can wee I do not have the sensation that I need to wee or have a full bladder. Did any of you ladies also experience this? 

Hi there,

I had some similar,  and it is only just settling down nearly 7 weeks after my op. I did have a catheter in for 10 days though.

Even now I still feel like I'm not peeing properly,  but i'm just not sure if this is now the new normal.  If you are worried about it I would speak to your assigned nurse. To be honest I was to scared to do this as I had read stories of people having to self catheterise,  and that was just not happening.

1 week post Op is still very early days, and I wish you a speedy recovery. 

Greta xx



Hi Cher,

I feel a bit silly writing this and it probably won't help you at all but after each time of giving birth I lost the sensation to urinate and it was due to a stunned bladder. the sensation came back after a few weeks but definitely worth mentioning to a doctor. xx

Thank you for replying Greta and Sharper. I guess I need to give it time. 12 days post op today and there is a little improvement.