Nervous without catheter

Hello everyone, 

i have had a catheter for 2 weeks, today I had a lovely day in hospital going to the loo and having the residual measured in my bladder, which was fine at under 150ml (I tried last week and residual was 500ml!). So nice to see the nurses again!

i am just a bit nervous now that I am home, I can't see how much wee I am producing and I don't really get an empty sensation. I am sure I will be fine, waking regularly to go to the loo, but I can't clearly tell if my bladder is full or empty. Probably the more I try the less I will produce so it will he a vicious circle. I am sure I will be fine but wanted to share here as it is bothering me. Catheter was greast as could stay in bed all night without getting up for loo!

I have been taking herbs, if anyone is in similar situation with bladder and is interested in other supportive treatment -  herbalist suggested cornsilk, nettle and meadowsweet. Also eating braised/baked celery hearts ;-)


My recovery has been pretty good, I had strong effects from the operation/anasthetic first 48 hours but as it was 5 hours long it's not surprising. I was in hospital for longer than normal as I had a UTI, then I got thrush when home which was just annoying. 2 weeks on I feel really fit and well, I have numbness and pain in top of legs but I think this will go. If I stand too much I swell up around front of pelvis/legs. Trying not to take painkillers as I tend to overdo it if I do.

Love to all of you who are post treatment, 


Hi Mitch you sound like you are doing really well well done you and big hugs.

It took me a good few days before my bladder felt normal. But now I'm fine and have that emptying feeling again so don't despair if initially it takes a while. I compare it to when you drive a automatic car and then switch to manual it takes a while to be natural, I think it is the same with the bladder lol sorry hope you don't mind my comparison!! 

I'm so glad you are doing well xxxx 

Ps are you takimg any herbal suggestions for hpv even though we have had hysterectomy I would like to be rid of it. Have spent a depressing evening researching hpv.  Any suggestions I would be open to. Xx

Thanks Sarah, I didn't get the sensation that I needed to go in the night (but I dreamed I was going!) and woke up and think my bladder was burstIng! Yes it will settle I am sure. Thanks! Glad things have settled for you, are you 4/5 weeks post op now?

I had shelved my worries about HPV for a while but yes they are still there. I researched it early on. A nurse said that as I have no cervix I can't get HPV virus however this is not my understanding of this kind of virus, I think it is dormant somehwere?. My worry is that it will move to a different part of my body, eg throat, if I have a HPV flare up. I have a follow up in December and will ask more however I doubt the consultant will know about this. There are over a hundred strains of HPV. I assume I have been tested but do not know, I might get hold of my test results at some point. The first consultant I saw was in charge of the cervical screening and I might ask her, she is in a different hospital but it might be more her thing as she is dealing with smears, colposcopy, CIN etc. 

Practically I realise that the best thing is to avoid being run down so that if any HPV virus pops up my body can easily deal with it. I think that having the mistletoe treatment will help as it supports and sort of resets the immune system. I'll be loosely following the Anticancer diet for the rest of my life I think! Researching is hard, what did you discover that has worried you?

x Mitch

I am replying to myself ;-) in case anyone else finds bladder is an issue post-op.

Spoke to gynae cancer nurse who said that after 2 weeks it is common to not be able to urinate at all so good that I can go and can empty bladder, albeit with some forcing and pushing hands over lower abdomen... Also I find holding my hands high above my head handy. I think I will set an alarm tonight so that I get up and go to the loo, this morning I must have had a mega full bladder as I had a minute leak, probably when I got up to go to bathroom. Blimey! She says to feel confident that it will all improve woth time, I am currenlty going by the clock, she said 3 hours max but of course it depends how much you are drinking. With the catheter I drunk all the time, it was very handy for that!

My catheter came out a month ago, and although I void regularly and think I empty my bladder, I still have a lot of discomfort when going. Was checked for urine infection this week which was fine, so Dr thinks its just a case of taking time for bladder to return to full normal after the catheter. My bigger problem at the moment is a bit of stress incontinence when I sneeze, I am terrible at remembering my pelvic floor exercises, though a lot better than I used to be!!

I've barely even thought about the HPV side of things, guess I need to start doing some moreresearch!h


I think the HPV thing might just scare me! I have a horror of mouth/ throat cancer (not helped by seeing some ENT post-op patients sharing the gynae ward)!

Yes it is early days for our bladders, my herbalist says it is 'resting' which is a nice way to view it. I'm setting my alarm tonight!!! I do hope your discomfort goes. 

I think that a good time to do pelvic floor excercises is when lying down, knees bent, feet on the floor (maybe in bed?). This way there is much less pressure on the pelvic floor so a larger range of movement can be achieved. It is also important to completely relax the pelvic floor sometimes as it can be weakened by constant (and often unconscious) tension when we are worrying about leaking. I teach postnatal yoga and so it is a big part of my work. Also the womens health physios can be good, here in Bristol you can self-refer, or perhaps there is good pelvic floor yoga on YouTube. Good luck with it! Squeeze!

PS Sarah I think the mistletoe will help with HPV, I will carry on with it soon, GP  was arguing with consultant about it ;-)

Glad to hear about other people's post- catheter issues.  I am sorry you are having them though.  I had my catheter out yesterday after 8 days and had to work really hard to achieve what they wanted of me ... mainly draining the bladder to less than 100ml ESP after all that fluid! So I strained very hard to expel as much as I could...straining might have been a bad idea But I just hated the catheter and didn't want it back and time was ticking on!   When I got back from hospital however I was in agony and remained so most of the evening so got very tense. I seemed to relax after a shower and the pain left me so that, much to my surprise, I could get some sleep. And I slept better without the catheter than with it although I had to get up 2/3 times in the night.  Today has been better some of the time but only improving slowly. As it feels like the pee is running over a cut I wonder if I have had a reaction to the latex material of the catheter perhaps. I haven't an infection because I haven't a temp and the pee is pale and odourless. It sounds as if I maybe need to be optimistic and not get over anxiously just hope it will settle down of its own accord in a few days.  Is this par for the course?   ( no one said)