Hard to wee after keyhole hystermectomy

I’m nearly 2 weeks post surgery and feel I’m doing well, managing to do house hold jobs and not really in any pain.
The only problem I have is " weeing" its very hard and comes out so slowly I sit there forever, then when its stopped I have to try again for a bit more to come out and have to do this 3/4 times before I feel empty. How long is it before it improves?

I've been the same, although my surgery wasn't keyhole. 

I had a trachelectomy just over 4 weeks ago and still have the same problem but it does feel now like it's starting to improve. 

Hope your recovering well other than that X 


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Yep I feel I’m doing really good its just the wee problems but I suppose in the great scheme of things its a little price to pay, doesn’t hurt just takes time to get it all out else I run back to the loo within minutes.
I hope your ok after your surgery?
Big hug as well to all the ladies on here going though this tough journey.

Yes I've been exactly the same not painful just not very comfortable, so know how you feel. Today has felt better so I'm hoping I will start to get back to normal now. 

Feeling okay able to get about and not in any pain just uncomfortable and have lost feeling in the tops of my legs. Have been very emotional since getting the all clear last week. Spoken to my CNS and she said it's quite normal, almost like what I'd been through as just hit me as I was fine up until then. 

Yes big hugs to you & everyone else too 


21-8-15 Abnormal smear results high grade changes. First smear aged 24 

25-8-15 LLETZ procedure.

6-10-15 Biopsy results - Diagnosed Cervical Cancer 1B1

30-11-15 Vaginal trachelectomy and key hole lymph node removal 

22-12-15 Results - All cancer removed and lymph nodes clear :) 

I had a laparascopic radical hysterectomy over a year ago now, and the wee problem is really the only remaining thing. Right from the removal of the catheter after a week, I have not had the sensation of needing to wee. This means that I can easily over fill my bladder. When I do go I have to literally push it out, can't think of any other way of describing it, but I have to engage my pelvic floor muscles. The urge to wee has never come back, but I guess I have got used to the fact that I need to go every 3-4 hours, and push it out. Yes it does take longer, but for me this is a small price to pay for being cancer free. I had hoped everything would go back to normal again, but some things take a bit longer and some things just never return. Hope this is Not too negative. Good luck with it all.

Hi Jo

Hate to say it I'm 6 weeks post op today and I still have to take my time weeing. Considering I had an overacrive bladder beforehand this is something of a novelty to me but I can imagine that it will start to get on my nerves if it continues. I'm assuming it just takes time longer for some than others. Pleased to read your doing well otherwise. HAPPY NEW YEAR and remember we stuck two fingers up and kicked cancer's backside in 2015.

Love n hugs



Hi, sorry jump on.

I haven't had the surgery that you ladies have had but I do have a hole in my bladder due to my cancer and I am incontinent but I still use the toilet as well to empty my bladder. Sometimes when I go it takes forever even when I push down to make it come out quicker - when I think I've finished I will begin to leak when I stand up.

Due to my bladder issue I saw a specalist for some pads as my bladder doesn't tell my brain I need a wee when I'm asleep - it's horrible - and I told him about the excess weeing and he said that due to the shape of the bladder sometimes it doesn't empty all at once but when you move the remaining wee travels to where it wants to come out I suppose (sorry for the crap explication!). He told me that when I think I've finished to stand up and walk around the bathroom then sit down again and to do this each time I go and my bladder would then learn to reposition it's self and completely empty (it takes time).

I found that this works but I just wiggle on the toilet seat :-) which seems to work.

I don't know if this is any use but maybe worth a try?

Gosh, weeing, my fave new subject! Lovely to hear of your experiences.

I am 5 months post op. I had a catheter for two weeks, uterus was adhered to bladder. I had no full sensation (leaked the first night without catheter). I set an alarm to wake me in the night, my initial fear was of overstretching the bladder.

Weeing at first was laborious. Go a bit, stop a bit. Helpful things: stop and stand up a little and sit back down. Arms over head and stretch and wee. Bend left, bend right. Breathe. Take a book. 

After a month I saw an ospeopath who could feel the disconnection, she treated me (gentle touching) and I could then wee more fully, immediately. Like a miracle. I had to force it, bear down quite hard, and in several streams but felt empty. Still going on the clock (2-3 hrs).

After 4 months I realised that the forcing wasn't doing me any good, it was impacting my bowel and pelvic floor so I started waiting for full sensation (have to wait ages, my bladder is much roomier now...) after which majority of wee comes out with normal ish effort. I force the rest out twice a day to protect my pelvic floor and innards. Sometimes I put my arm across my abdomen and sort of press.

Recently I have taken to sitting with my body between my knees and my hands on the floor - can force it without putting so much pressure on the rest of me. Weird but it works!

So in summary, it has been a continual but gradual improvement for me and I can definitely live with it. It is very early days for you so take heart and try different things. Your body is hard wired to recover from an op like this so trust it to join itself back up properly.

In my area you can self refer to women's health physio for any pelvic floor or similar issues so that might be helpful. My friend is this kind of physio and she has lots of ideas. Specialist nurse says early days still.

Also herbal teas, cornsilk, meadowsweet and nettle.

Good luck!

Hi Moonfish when you say that the way you were coping (ie pushing down to empty your bladder) was impacting your bowel and pelvic floor, would you be happy to say anything more about that? I am in a very similar situation where I have no bladder sensation so when I eventually got rid of the indwelling catheter after 6 weeks I did ISC for another 2 weeks and since then I've been going to the toilet at regular times. It seemed to be working ok but the last couple of weeks - and I'm sorry this is far TMI - but more often than not I need to wipe my bum now after I've had a wee. I don't feel like I'm really straining to push the wee out but for whatever reason now a bit of poop follows it. This means that I'm having to wipe my bum a lot and often, so now it's gettting irritated and sore and there's a tiny bit of blood. It stings when I wash there so I guess there's a tiny abrasion. I've told my nurse today, it's so embarrassing though. I can cope with a lot but talking about poop is too much!