No 6 month scan?? Anyone else

So went for my 6 month check up and consultant gave me internal and said cervix was clear. I assumed I would then be booked in for scan but she said she would scan me again in 3 months to check on nodes. Now initially I was relieved as I thought I could do without the scan anxiety! But not I'm thinking should I have a scan, I've seen so much about the 6 month scan and checkup. Why would she wait another 3 months, so that would be scan at 3 months and 9 months post treatment. 

I know they know what they are doing but I'm just wondering if anyone else did not have a scan at 6 months??


thank xx

I just had my 6 month scan and in 4 months will have another mri. I think it just depends on the dr. They say what's most important is that you get a pelvic exam every 3 months. I guess after my next scan I'll just be having pelvic exams unless I have any symptoms 

I finished treatment (chemorads) in February 2019.  I had a pet scan in late June 2019 and haven't had another one.  My doctor said they aren't routine and he will most likely order one once a year for the next few years unless there are problems.  

I have had one scan and this was after ending my chemorads and before brachy. Everything looked good and havent had a scan since. Ive been out nearly 9 months. My GYN ONC says they dont do scans unless i have symptoms. They do pelvic exams and feel for swollen nodes/liver and that is that. 

Seems like it depends where in the country/world you live. I am under NHS Tayside (Scotland) and they initially told me I would have a scan 3months post treatment but at my one month post treatment checkup they said it would be 6 months before first scan.  I happened to mention to the specialist nurse a couple of weeks ago that this had been a bit if a blow after thinking all through treatment that I'd only have to wait three months and she discussed it with the oncologist who agreed to order the scan. So it's this week, which will be 4.5 months roughly since my final treatment.  I've no idea how often afterwards they will do scans or whether it will just be examinations - guess I'll find out at my results appointment.