6 months post treatment check up. What to expect?

Got my 6months check up this week. Not sure what to expect. I also think that despite using my dilator that I have closed up a bit. I cant feel my cervix. 


What will they do?


Crapping myself with nerves of course.




(dx 2b with lymph involvement in Oct 17, 28 rads, 5 cisplatin 3 brachy -finished Feb. NED in July)



When I went for my six months I had a vault smear and a feel. Then I had a ct scan. I get a vault smear every time I go to the doctor. I pray all goes well for you.:-)

Thank you, I only had chemo/rads and brachy.



I had an internal and then a visual inspection with the speculum and oncologist with a head torch lol!

no scans - apparently in my hospital they only do them if you have concerns yourself - which I do find a bit worrying.

im due my 9 month checkup on 5th November and apparently, the same inspections.

i did call one of the nurse specialists at my hospital to ask about further scans and she said unless I feel something is wrong they don’t do them, and if there is a problem, there’s not much they can do about it - so I was quite upset.

it wasn’t my normal nurse and I now am worried about everything and so bloody annoyed at her response!

I am so bloody stressed out by it all..really feel like I need to talk to someone about this constant state of anxiety every few months.


Ugh. Sick of being on this treadmill. Wish me luck!



I know how you feel

its stressful n the run up to every review.

every ache, twinge or pain makes me panic.

sleeping is impossible just lately as my mind constantly works overtime.

its the mental effect that is almost as stressful as the cancer 

I agree I just feel like I’m picking up then as soon as it approaches check up time all my anxieties come back to haunt me. work haven’t helped either.xx

Hey Cazzie! Sorry only just seen your reply and I am only back here because I have another check up coming up. *Stress*


Hi Flossie, 

Don't worry I just dib into the forum every now and then. I had my three monthly check up in November; the consultant could understand why I was so nervous. I did explain that I have turned a big corner and I'm a lot better than I was, however, she said at my next appointment, she wanted to see the real me, which is easier said than done when it is a constant reminder of What has happened? Anyway, I'm now on six monthly check-ups which are a bonus. Let me know how you get on with your checkup; I'll be thinking of you. Are you going to the mini meet in Hull in March? I am it would be great to meet up.xx

Hi Flossie & Cazzie 

Oh know what you mean about getting stressed before a check up. I'm due my next end of January and already getting anxious. I got myself in that much of a state last check that I've booked a weeks leave from work for the next one, I couldn't concentrate on anything. When my consultant said all was fine I just burst into tears, he was really nice with me profusely apologizing. He just said it's to be expected, you've had a cancer diagnosis and I was lucky it was caught early. 

One day hopefully we'll be able to deal with it better xx