Newly diagnosed - unsure how to feel

Hi everyone,

i like many on here has a routine smear (never missed) and it can back with severe high grade, I then went to have a biopsy with loop which at the time, the doctor said everyone looked fine and she had removed it etc. I was then called back yesterday as they found cancer in the biopsy. The doctor said she was very surprised, but it was there sqamous cell grade 2. Which they believe they have taken away with the biopsy but I will have to go for an MRI in a week or so. 
She mentioned a hystercomy but nothing can be confirmed until the MRI.

i feel numb, I have 2 young children and all I want is to be there for them. My husband is so upset, I am then starting to fear the worse when I know I need to remain positive and rest! 


Hi Annah,

Sorry to hear about your news.  I had very similar as you will see from my history and want to reassure you that what you're feeling is entirely normal.  It's a whirlwind time and your mind will be all over the place but hopefully everything will come back fine after the MRI as it did with me.  I had the choice of a hysterectomy or a further Lletz/cone and I chose the latter.  I've been clear ever since and HPV negative too.  It looks like it's been caught early so there's every chance that you'll be absolutely fine and this will be the first and last time, I truly feel back to my old self but I don't sweat the small stuff quite as much!  Be kind to yourself, I found watching comedies and box sets helped take my mind off it.  Always here if you need to talk.

Sara xx

Hi Annah

It is a real shock to get the news you have just had and I am sorry you have joined the club. It will take time to process for you and your family, so however you feel or react is okay. It is a rollercoaster with lots to take in as your world has been turned upside down in an instant. My heart goes out to you as we on here know exactly how you feel. The waiting is the worst so be kind to yourself, but It sounds like your Dr is quite sure they have it and it looks like it’s early stage which is really positive. One thing for sure is they will do what is best for you.We are all here to support you   and  sending virtual hugs for

May - routine smear

12 June

25 June - CC diagnosed

CT Scan/ MRI EUA - 2B from EUA

PET scan

16 July - 2B clinically /1b1 radiologically Decide between Hysterectomy or chemorads 

30 July - consultant to do a laparotomy and do hysterectomy if not spread beyond cervix. If it has - chemorads 

21 Aug - Laparotomy - Radical Hysterectomy, nodes removed.

10 Sept - no tumour left & nodes clear


Hi Annah

I have also just been diagnosed and it is an utter shock and very scary. 

Am waiting for MRI to confirm the clinical diagnosis the Dr gave me of 1b1. I have a 4 month old baby and am wondering how I have got to this point.

All I can suggest is focussing on one day at a time and believing in what the dr's are saying. I have found that meditation helps to focus the mind and think positively.

I have been told that there is an 8 week pathway so hopefully this will all be over relatively quickly.  

Good luck!