don't know how to feel

Yesterday i was told that they had found cancer in my loop biopsy, it was all contained in the biopsy so they're almost 100% sure they already got it all. they want to do 1 more loop under local just as a precaution but they're pretty confident. I really dont know how to feel, i think i feel fine about as they had cured me before i even knew i had it. The people who i've told look at me in amazement to how well im coping. Should i be reacting differently? for me the waiting was the worst i was a nervous wreck crying all the time feeling sick expecting the worst. so when they told me in away it was a releif i finally knew. although the outcome was bad and a shock as im only 26, it was short lived. I dont know if i should tell my family or not, my husband knows and his mum does as i confided in her becasue she had cervical cancer. my mum worries about everything i dont want to cause unessersary panic. if it was having prolonged treatment or needed surgery then i would. i just dont know what to do. x


Really good news that everything has been treated YAY!It is a

personal thing who you do and don't tell.I didn't tell my Mum.

Whatever you feel is right.I you want to tell them down the line

you can.It's your body who, and what you tell people is totally

up to you.I think you did the right thing telling the people that

would give you support as and when you needed it.In a stressful

situation thats what counts.

All the best for the future

Becky x

Hi MrsP

If you are calm and relaxed and glad it's most likely all over then good for you! That's great news! It most certainly is not necessary to go round telling the world what has just happened to you. A lot of people fret unneccesarily and if they do it in your presence (which some of them surely would) then it would only trigger your own anxiety. Continue to feel happy and don't worry that you are keeping secrets, it's not as though you have to tell everyone when you bang your knee now is it.

Be Well