New pain help please

Hello everyone… this is my first post here after having a read through many of your posts and firstly wanted to say thank you for all of the help and support you all give

I was diagnosed with stage 3c squamous cell carcinoma on 26th May last year, just 7 months after giving birth to my beautiful little boy Idris. I had a 5cm grade 3 poorly differentiated tumour that had started to spread outside of my cervix and also into two pelvic lymph nodes. It was picked up due to me going to the docs after 3 episodes in as many weeks of me bleeding after sex, the only other symptom was mild clear unsmelly discharge. Cervix was healthy in pregnancy and last smear prior to pregnancy was also clear. George as I called him (the tumour) was extremely aggressive and before treatment grew upwards of a centimetre in 10 days.

I was treated with 5 weeks of external radiation every day, cisplatin chemo infusion once weekly and 4 brachytherapy blasts as I call them. I was inoperable due to it being locally advanced, too aggressive and poor margins… I’ve been NED since last November. Last PET scan was August this year which was clear.

I was recently taken into hospital following acute sudden right sided abdo pain (low down)… Ir was that bad I had to practically crawl out of Tesco as I couldn’t walk properly due to the pain… they initially thought it was appendicitis but after abdominal ultrasound and ct scan decided that it was possibly an ovarian cyst that had burst as there was a very small amount of free fluid in my pelvic region but they couldn’t see the cyst so they just said I’m a bit of a mystery

The pain has been coming and going ever since, longest it has lasted is 3 hours, shortest is 10mins… no other symptoms other than light bleeding when using dilators but I know that the very top of my vagina is fused together from radiotherapy scar tissue anyway so every time I use the dilators it tears.

I have an oncology follow up tomorrow but just wondered if any of you have experienced anything similar so I can go to my appointment armed with information.

Thanks so much and heaps of love to you all

Claire xxx

I hope everything goes well with oncology.

I’m just over a year post treatment of chemorad. There are just so many weird twinges, aches and pain it’s ridiculous and exhausting worrying all the time. I did have an occasion of severe abdo pain and I had a CT in the hospital. Nothing was found and no cause!
Scar tissue?
It’s all a mine field!!
Hugs to you xx

Thank you so much :pray:t2:

Pleased to hear you are through treatment… there really are and your right it’s such a minefield as no matter how much you try to distract yourself the c word always comes flooding back anytime you feel anything

As unpleasant as it is it’s reassuring for me that you had similar with a clear CT too… I did think scar tissue to be honest

Sending you lots of love xxx

Hi, I also had various types of pain after completing the treatment, I had some episodes of period-like pain so intense I was sure there was something sinister happening but my MRI was clear thank God, my doctor’s explanation was that it was because of the scar tissue.
So try not to worry so much, I know it’s hard, I worry about a new thing every day I was also diagnosed with a thyroid condition recently after experiencing intense muscle pain all over, so I never know what is what in terms of aches, pains… and I also have some fluid in my uterus because of cervical stenosis.
Hope the pain will go away soon, hugs :hugs:

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