New here!


Due to all the recent campaigning about smear tests I have managed to get myself into a total state of panic. 

I can't eat or sleep and I feel sick. 

I'm about 10 years behind on my smears. I'm 38 and feel like I can't think straight. I have been googling and now I have the worst case scenario in my head. 

I have booked one for Tuesday 30th Jan and I'm not even scared of the test. I'm terrified for the result:(

Hi Katie,

Wow, reading your post was like reading something that I had wrote!

I am  in the exact same position as you, I am overdue my smear by 7 years (I am actually ashamed of myself to be honest) and like you it’s not the actual smear that I am scared of... it’s the waiting for the results and the results themself.

i have promised myself that I will book mine in this week, it helps to know im not the only one feeling this way.


Claire xx

Hi Claire!

Please go and book it! It really was nothing at all and I already feel so much better that it's done xxx


I am sorry to hear that our campaign caused you both panic. The campaign aims to increase awareness and attendance of cervical screening uptake while also letting women know that we are here for any concerns, questions or support.

Thank you Katie79 for updating us that you've been for your smear and it is so great to hear the experience was okay for you.

Please know you can always call the helpline (0808 802 8000), which is a great source of information and support. Our helpline is run by our trained volunteers, who have had either a personal or professional experience of cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities. 

Very best wishes,