Nervous - Hpv positive and bumps on cervix

I have been so behind on my tests and finally got down to it last Nov. My first HPV test came back as HR positive (non 16/18) and Pap smears are normal. However, I felt bumps on my cervix but it got written off by the GP as “you can’t feel your own cervix”?!! And asked me to repeat the test in a year.

I felt my cervix again yesterday and the bump seems to have gotten bigger! :sob: has anybody had experience with feeling the bumps on your cervix?

Freaking out a little as it seems so endless! Especially since during my health check, they also found cysts in my breast, ovarian cysts and fibroid.

I have hpv16 cin3. Felt bumps on my cervix like 2 years ago but i ignored think8ng they will go away. But no. I had pa smear done for first time which came back hsil. Doctor recommended LEEP badically remove 5mm. :frowning: skin layer. Doctor didnt tell me what the bumps are.

Notknowing is making me crazy. My life occasionally jumps out of my body.

Glad to know I am not dreaming when I said I could feel my own cervix. Doc who did my health check laughed it off and just told me I couldn’t have done it.

I went to the gynae but she couldn’t feel it! Mine is much higher up and I felt it when I was squatting. Can I check with you how the bumps/lumps feel like? My gynae just asked me if it felt liquid filled?

She looked at my cervix and said it looks fine, but I am worried that it is much higher up and towards the back, and is hence hidden from her sight.

Did they not run tests on the removed skin layer? I was under the impression that if anything is removed, they will test it further.

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I am scheduled for leep next week. I hope i dont have to get second leep considering the bumps. Or that i dont have cancer.

I really wish i was serious about my pap smears. This is first pap smear at age of 35 which has shaken me to the core of my being.

All the best with the leep! Think positive! At least it is a step in the right direction with the leep now!