High risk hpv and lump on cervix

Hi everyone. I have had my smear results come back as high risk hpv and cell changes. I felt a little lump on the opening of my cervix about 3 years ago and was told by the nurse at my gp i was being paranoid and there was nothing there. I had a wee feel out of curiosity today and it now feels massive! I have constant burning and shooting pains also. I have a 44 week wait for a coloscopy and im panicking. Has anyone else had these lumps? Im thinking the worst and my mental health is suffering. Thankyou

I received a letter on Saturday and I too have high grade hpv, need a colposcopy for further investigation. I am post menopausal and have not had a period in nearly 4 years. I have been suffering with recurrent urinary tract infections for nearly 3 years, not sure if there’s a link? I also have a lump at the neck of my cervix, the nurse who did my smear did not say anything about it so Ive assumed it’s normal. I’m worried sick because of the cervical cancer in my family.