Hpv positive and scared

Hi guys so just little bit worried and confused I’m 37 and have always had regular smears never been late for one…I was due in January 2021 but I was pregnant so couldn’t have it . Wen my son was 12 weeks I had it so beginning of august .just got results Today and it says positive for hpv and no abnormal changes .(negative) I need to go again in 12 months to check this has passed through my body… I do suffer very bad health anxiety and I guess I just wanna know if anyone has has had this and then gone for there next smear and it gone
Thanks ladies


Yes i was the same. Regular smear test every year since i was 17 years old. The reason i had every year is because the protocol in my country for screening is every year even with no hpv positive. However 2 years ago came back hpv positive with not cell changes. I went private after 6 months because i was worried and it was negative. During these 6 months i was getting a course of vitamins and reduced alcohol. After 1.5 year it came back positive but is because i got covid, and i wasn’t too healthy as before

Don’t worry, just start vitamins and take care of yourself.Positive hpv doesn’t mean cancer. Its like a flu, if you healthy you can deal with it, but if you not and you smoke you can have pneumonia.

Take care :slightly_smiling_face: :two_hearts:

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Thank you so much :heart:

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Hi All.

Yesterday I received my first smear test results, I am positive with no abnormal cell changes. I have read through this forum and contacted Jo’s support line, but unfortunately, I am still extremely anxious and upset about these results. Knowing that all I can do is wait until next year to see if my body has got rid of HPV virus has sent me into overdrive.

I’d really appreciate any advice from anyone who’s currently in this position, because I think I’m the first one out of my friends to have this kind of result!

Also, if anyone has been in a similar position and has now tested negative - what have your tried (vitamins, vaginal gels etc) to help your immune system?