Nausea and lack of appetite

Had my radical hysterectomy (plus ovaries and lymph nodes removed) on 30th August.
The feeling sick part is really getting me down now. I’m on a second kind of anti sickness tablet now. I had a water infection and a ‘collection’ of lymph (seen on CT) and so was sent home on antibiotics (which finish tomorrow). Could it be all the tablets I’m taking making me feel sick?
At present, I can only eat ‘a’ cracker and a few spoons of jelly without throwing up!
Also, I was catheterised for 9 days and now it’s gone, I can’t tell when I need a wee! (Going regularly.)
Is this all normal?
Anybody got any tips re nausea?

Thanks x

Hiya, I suffered really badly with sickness when I went through treatment and the only thing that worked for me was a tablet I took that stopped me feeling sick so I could eat as I went so dangerously thin they thought my cancer had gone terminal and I was that poorly I couldn't walk and had no energy. Eating was out the question as everything came back up and if I did want to eat I couldn't as my body wouldn't allow me to (strange to explain) so I know your pain. I was given build up drinks they're milkshakes that have a slightly weird taste to them but I couldn't keep down milk or any kind of dairy so I didnt really drink them so they gave me the juice but they were vile! i have also suffered with infections at least one a month since June/July last year I've got one now too, I had issues with my bladder and not knowing when to go but I was also passing urine when I didn't want to and it turned out I have a fistula (hole between bladder and cervix) due to my cancer so im now incontent - the joys!

There is no mirical (that's not spelt right is it?) cure its kind of a trial and error but you need to get the sickness/feeling nipped in the bud asap - speak to your doctor/nurse and explain what is happening and they should help. Also I found eating when I was able to helped me over come the sickness - I ate or nibbled on anything I could physically eat - ice lollies (lived on them!), fruit, soup, jelly - things i could swollow without chewing so i tricked my body into thinking it was a drink and not food. If I couldn't eat a cup of soup for example I would leave it and try a banana or grapes then just keep having little and offen foods that i could eat then my body stopped feeling sick and was ok - although when I have an infection my appertite drops but I then eat sugary high calorie things to make up as I'm still trying to put on weight - I'm now 7st 5 from 6at so I'm getting there!

Also going wee too often can cause infections and cause your bladder to weaken - wait as long as you can before going and make sure when you do go your emptying you whole bladder - it needs to reprogram its self - you may get 'false' signals of needing a wee but if it goes off after say 5 minutes you know you dont need to go - if your worried about leaking tesco do pads for under £2 and they're good just until it comes back xx

Hiya :-)

It could be the tablets making you feel sick, I'm not sure. Have you tried eating apples? I have often found they are pretty good for settling a pukey stomach :-)

Be lucky :-)