Recovery - no better

Hi all

Can anyone offer me any help. I'm post radical hysterectomy by keyhole including ovaries. Operation on Thursday, I'm still vomiting, in a lot of pain despite taking maximum painkillers and feel like for every ok hour I might get I then feel awful for the next 4 hours. Discharged on Monday and still not eating other than the odd piece of toast and ice lolly. I'm sure I should be getting some better feeling times.

Hi Victoria,

I'm sure you shouldn't be feeling this wretched at home a week after surgery and two days after discharge from hospital. I think that perhaps you should call the ward you were on and ask the staff there.

Sorry I can't be any more help than that and I hope it all works out well for you very soon indeed!

Go well



Hi Victoria

I agree with Tivoli above, wouldn't have thought you would still be like that now.  I would suggest phoning your CNS and ask their advice, they may refer you to your GP.  Hope you get sorted and start to feel better very soon.



Oh hon,

I'm with the girls, you shouldn't have to be going through this. Hope you are managing to get some relief and have got in touch with someone. 

Lots of love, Molly xxx

Hello Victoria - I had rad. hyst. & with ovaries removed and didn't have the sickness or pain you describe.  I think you should contact either your GP or the hospital where you had your surgery, for advice..  Don't be fobbed off either, insist you get to speak to or get an appointment with the doctor - you shouldn't have to suffer the pain you describe nor the sickness. 

Hope you get it sorted.x

Thanks for all the above. I telephoned the ward last night who have said this is normal. Some people stomachs do not cope well with the amount of medications that need to be taken. I have taken paracetamol for back ache probably 3 times this whole year so my stomach is really struggling.They've sent be home with Paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine, lansoprazole, cyclizine and Tinzaparin daily injections that I do myself x I stink of medications and am constantly sweating through the night x

The ward advised that I take the anti sickness and try eat something small once the queasy feeling subsides.... Which is what I did yesterday and vomited. They had no cause for concern and told be recovery is difficult and can be like this. I had night sweats then shivers last night and have passed bowel movement today (sorry) wind pain under diapram and in gut seems to be causing the most pain this morning. It seems I just need to continue as I am for now x

Victoria, I'm not,there yet as still waiting for op, but is honestly don't think you should be having to go through this whatever they say. It sounds to me like you should still be in hospital tbh.  I'm sure someone who has been through it will be along soon, but is there any chance you phone your GP or 111 for some more advice and a second opinion? Do you think the night sweats are hormone related, or do you feel like you have a fever?

sorry, but worried about you!

Molly xxxxxxxx

Just woken up today again after last message and it's 12! I've been sweating a lot again but actually feel a bit better. Maybe I'm not sleeping enough through the day and I'm exhausted x

Has your appointment still not come Molly? Xx

No! Fed up. But have finished shopping for both kids' birthdays and Christmas, and have spent today decorating! Hope I haven't overdone it!

molly xxx

Hi victorialclarke

You've just had major surgery, it's guna take a while for you to feel human again, listen to your body & don't over do it, hope you feel better soon

Mandy xx

Don't underestimate peppermint tea for getting rid of wind. It was a god send after my op. Hope you feel better soon. xx

Mini update- I'm back in the land of the living on day 11 post op. I'm quite sure I had picked up a stomach Vomiting and diahorrea bug in hospital. It's been a very difficult week but I really feel that yesterday aftet my good friend made me some good Caribbean soul food I turned a corner! Feeling 20% of me right now but that's better than the 5% I felt last week x

Oh Victoria, I really hope things improve for you in leaps and bounds this week,

love, Molly xxxxx 

Hmmm, I never thought of that. I suppose if you picked up a delightful vomiting and diarrhoea bug in hospital then perhaps hospital wasn't the best place for you after all and home was. So glad you feel that you have turned the corner now and trying very hard indeed not to be too envious of your Caribbean soul food. As with Molly, here's hoping you progress with lightning speed.

Go well


thanks for replying and can I just add what a god send this forum is. Road to recovery is finally on and im mostly fair to good... I do keep trying to do a bit too much and then ending up zonked!! Must listen to the body! X

Hi Victoria

Good to hear you are finally picking up.  It's hard not to do too much when you are so used to doing stuff as well I know.  I was guilty too of doing too much during my recovery and the bod soon tells you!  It really does help to rein it back in and put your feet up as much as possible.  Wishing you a good recovery with no more set backs!