Combating Appetite Problems?

Hello again Ladies,

I'm full of questions at the moment, only a week into my journey. I have had 3/28 radio sessions and had my first chemo on Tuesday. I'd been pretty okay, just very sleepy. I started to get nauseous last night though, which spread to this morning.

My Nurse gave me Dexamethasone to combat nausea and give me an appetite and energy boost. No energy boost really, but it's the appetite that has bothered me. I have been told to take them at breakfast and lunch, with food. However, I felt too nauseous to even eat until about 12, so took the first dose then. I've only recently taken my second dose, for which I had to force myself to eat five grapes! I was told not to take them in the evening in case they keep me awake, but have just not been able to get myself to eat anything.

Does anyone have any advice or had similar experiences?


Hi, I have had and still do have the same issues as you and some days I survive on a banana how I don't know but that's all I can stomach! The hardest thing I found was the sickness I do actually throw up when I've eaten sometimes which is annoying as I have no appetite at all some days so it is hard and I know how you feel. I've been like this for the last 5 months and have lost a lot of weight to it.

My advise is take your anti sickness tablets on there own if possible as these don't make me sick on there own the steroids which you take 2 of for 3 days after treatment is what you take with food but they do work once in your system and do help you crave/want food not a lot but some. I found having things like snacks were good and I still do sit with a variety of things at all times when I'm at home - this can be grapes, strawberry,  crisps etc I have gone off a lot of food and I am a really fussy eater which doesn't help it's self! Sometimes I will think I want something so having something to hand is always handy as the feeling goes as quickly as it comes even if you eat 2/3 crisps fold over the bag and leave them for when you fancy something again I do and I may not always eat them I may go onto somthing else but I'm getting somthing into me. I also brought a smoothie maker you can pick them up really cheap now the one I got was from tesco and came with two bottles which you drink from and use to blend your ingredients which is majorly helpful and no messing about cleaning a massive machine it cost £30 and I've got my money's worth! If I can eat I will in the morning (I've brought loads of tinned fruit - in natural juices or water - less sugar - which I find helpful too as standing for prolonged period makes me tired - I just shove a load of stuff in with some of the juice from the tin (money saving tip! Tins are also cheaper and keep for longer) and blend it all then I've got "food" that I drink when I don't want to eat it fills me up and keeps me going. Also I would buy diet shakes or build up shakes that you get in tesco etc and have these with full fat milk again you drink these and they fill you up and it's "food".

I know the pain of the tiredness and I am so sorry to tell you but this may get worse it did with me BUT my tiredness was only when I was on chemo (I have advanced cancer and my treatment is more prolonged and higher doseage) I've found since being on chemo and radiotherapy I've not felt tired - I do today when I've had both on the same day and do for the day after but I soon "wake up" and I am a starting to feel like me pre diagnosis - I am even planning on meeting friends! I haven't been out as in out for over 8 months so this is a massive thing for me. I will tell you ALWAYS listen to your body always,  you feel tired rest sleep if you can cus your body will force you to I've lost count the amount of times I've sat down and woke hours later! I use to sleep for about 18 hours a day day and night and I hated it hated it I couldn't do anything and had people helping me with everything....having a bath was a mission, walking, stairs etc but I rested when my body told me to and I did - I would fall asleep whilst having chemo!! But I'm glad I did as it helped me as I am beating this dispute my diagnosis things are looking good for me!

I will also mention about the sickness if you do become sick and keep being sick ring your district nurse you will find the number through Google you don't need to register or anything they have access to the database and will come out to you straight away due to you being an urgent case and they will help you. Also mention it to your nurses/doctor at your reviews I did and I had new anti sickness tablets for all the time, anti sickness injections which the district nurse does (they hurt as they go into a muscle! I learnt my lesson for leaving it too long! Never again!! I hate needles!!) Also as i had been losing too much weight - this is monitored even if you think it isn't - I was given anti sickness tablets I take before food 30-60 minutes before and they help me keep food down I was also given steroids to give me an appetite they take a couple of days to work but they do work (I'm murder for taking tablets!). And if push comes to shove you can ask your doctor for build up drinks they're milkshakes that taste diffrent but again help.

I'm sorry for the essay but I wanted to provide as much info as possible! Sorry if I've scared you also my experience is not what is going happen to you every one is diffrent honestly :-).

Good luck with your treatment and ask away about anything that it what we are hear for I do!!! Oh don't Google aches and pains etc ask us Google will tell you your growing a tail or something we will help you with experience best advice I've ever been given xx

If you can't manage food keep drinking water, juice etc to keep you hydrated and don't panic about not wanting to eat! I find too much on a plate puts me off so small portions are best for now then build up I find.....

Sorry I will go away now haha xx

Hi Hani,

Ask if you can have Emend pills for the nausea, they're great! I wasn't allowed grapes but bananas and apples were fine.

Be lucky :-)