hi ladies!

    I finished treatment almost 2 months ago and I have a question. Has anyone went into menopause even after the ovary transposition surgery? I had my ovaries moved before treatment and they confirmed that one ovary was still in the radiation zone. I haven't had a period since that surgery And I'm having horrible hot flashes and night sweats. I don't take any medications or is blame it on that. 

Hi Lucy. 

I am sorry that I cannot offer to much on this subject but even if 1 ovary was not effected by the radiation it might take awhile for it to start functioning normally again as the chemo could have effected it as well. My girlfriend who is Bresat cancer survivor had chemo and her period took over a year to come back so I do know that systematic chemo can temp put ovaries out of the normal functioning. She suffered hot flashes and thought she was going through menopause but it was only temp. Ovarian transposition has high success rates so stay positive as the ovary might just need some extra time. 

Big hugs