Ovary transposition surgery

I had the ovary transposition surgery before my treatment started, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t successful. Maybe because I had to have my radiation field extended a little bit they still got effected.or maybe they dropped back down during my treatment time , I don’t know. I’ve been experiencing menopause symptoms since my brachytherapy ended, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, hair shedding and breast tenderness sometimes. Has anyone had this surgery and had menopause symptoms for a couple of months and it fade away.Im pretty sure I’m going through menopause because my symptoms aren’t getting any better but worse, but my doctors said to give it a lot more time. I just don’t know if I’m supposed to get on hrt right away or not and my doctor said I’ll have to see if the benefits will out weight the risks of being on hrt. I just kind of hate waiting and not knowing what to do, and at times wish I had a women doctor. because my guy doctors they act like its not that big of a deal even if I am going through menopause and I’m only 33 .

Hi Rissag - I wanted to share that my oncologists weren't too helpful with menopause. I was in it, and they were the same way - acted like it wasn't a big deal. I have a really good primary care doctor who said that the risks of not having HRT (weaker bones, and my bones were already weakened by radiation) outweighed the risks so I take hormones until my 50's when we'd think I'd normally go through it. The HRT has helped a lot with hot flashes and insomnia so I've been happy with it. 

Hi Rissag, 

It must be really nerve wrecking to see if the ovary transposition has worked or not. I recently had a blood test and it showed up that I was already post menopausal just 7 months out of treatment. Shocked me a bit! Here are the results of mine:

I don't know if this type of blood test would give you the answers you need or not. I had the test done on a Monday and they emailed my results on Tuesday. 

Let ne know if the results don't post and I'll try to message them to you.

x Maria

Since I wrote this post in November, I've had about 3 blood tests over the months, and with each one my hormone levels dropped. So the surgery definitely didn't work and I'm in menopause. I had always thought too that my doctor had placed my ovaries up by rib area, but at my last appointment he said he placed them a little higher than where they were naturally, so with extended field radiation they didn't stand a chance. I wish he would have told me that in the beginning so I wouldn't have been holding out hope for so long.when I had my surgery I had lymph node removal at the same time so when they were finished pathology report came back that I had microscopic cells in a pelvic lymph node, so my field got extended. I've read online that there's a couple different places were they can transpose your ovaries, I just wish my doctor would have picked the highest up one.