Menopause at 28

Hi Ladies,

I’m 28 and was diagnosed with stage 3C cervical cancer back in January this year, completing radiotherapy, chemotherapy & brachytherapy in April, and like many other, putting me straight into the deep end of early menopause.

After weeks of not feeling like ‘myself’ and being in tears daily my consultant decided it was time for HRT and I’ve since been on the evoril conti patches. To begin with I thought they were great and felt like a dark cloud had been lifted once the hormones started to come back, but over the past month or so I’ve found myself dipping back into an exhausted, teary and emotional state of mind.

I’ve only been on the patches since July so I’m just looking for any advice really on whether I just need to ride this out or if a higher hose of HRT might be needed. Or is there anything else anyone found useful?!

My GP surgery is as useless as a chocolate teapot and it’s not a topic any of my friends can relate to so any advice or recommendations welcome!

Thanks x

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Hello Lady,

Welcome to the forum! I take the time to say hi and give you support even though i do not have the same experience as you, so i cannot help in terms of the patches. Hopefully, another member, with similar experience, responds soon.

If you need anyone to talk or vent, i am here for you! :slight_smile:

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Hi Ndx

Have you tried Sertraline? I have been on it for years for anxiety but it is very good at stabilising mood. Before being prescribed Sertraline I had multiple big anxiety attacks every day for around 5 years, I haven’t had a single one since.
Fingers crossed for you my lovely, it’s a rough time
Sam x

Hi Ndx

I haven’t had a similar experience to you but I can certainly relate to the difficulties in getting the right support for menopause. Just wanted to mention that the NHS website lists various options for getting support for menopause:

There is also information on this website, including patients experiences of early menopause:

I hope all goes well for you


Same story just slightly older at 42 -but menapause hit hard at end of treatment cycle — The Gel and tablet worked best for me as I could easily up the dose of the gel to 4 pumps and that got on top of it - Gp said 6 weeks no change up the dose - and that being younger would need higher dose to start off with. Get back into GP xxx

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I had similar issues at first. As you are so young it would be advised to be on a higher dose as your body is use to it. Maybe ask if you can be referred to an NHS menopause clinic (inbox me if you are near or can journey to London) or a private specialist (again I have a fantastic one who does over the phone appointments then writes to your GP to advise so the NHS can then take over your prescription inbox me if you need her address). I would ask your GP for 100mg patch eg estrodot and also 100mg ultragestran. If you can see a NHS menopause clinic ask for testosterone too. It all helps.

If I can help or advise please get in contact or read my posts. Higher recommended doses are a game changer.