Lymph involvement??

Hi Ladies. I'm diagnosed so far with stage 2b cc. I had an MRI monday and a CT wednesday. My next appointment is tuesday with the chemo dr. My concern now, is that the results of the scan will show lymph involvement. I have what i hope isnt a stupid question, but .... Can you FEEL if there is cancer in the lymph nodes?? What I mean is, does it feel different than not? I am crampy in my abdomen so much of the time, Im thinking its because its in the lymoh nodes (i have obviously no idea of the anatomy and its workings) Could the crampiness be from nerves being bothered by the swelling in the cervix from the tumor... much like the back aches?? Im sure I'll probably know the results of the scans on tuesday, but in the meantime, im of course freaking out. Does anyone have any insight here?? Thank you so much. You girls are so wonderful to have during this scary stuff!! xoxo

Omg bless you. I  sorry I can't really answer ur question, although I get what u mean. I just didn't want to read and run. I know u must be worrying like mad. Good luck for tomorrow and please let us know how u get on. X

No you can't feel the cancer and the lymph nodes being involved doesn't cause any pain. The pain your dealing with maybe phantom pains because your worried about your lymph nodes and the cancer your body can play tricks on you - mine did. I would also get random shooting pains in my groin area which could never be explained but they were nothing to be worried about so try not to