LTTEZ and colposcopy same day..

I was called back for a colposcopy after my smear test showed CIN 3 HPV.
I received the LLTEZ there and then at the hospital for the abnormal cells, but the tissue was still sent for analysis. Perhaps a stupid question, but how normal is this?
Feels a bit strange for them to have completed the procedure but also send for analysis… wondering if it’s normal!

Any advice appreciated whilst awaiting my results!

I think this is fairly normal. They test the margins of the sample cut off during the LLETZ to make sure they actually removed all the abnormal cells and confirm whether the sample contains the cells they expected to be there. This helps them to understand 1) whether the LLETZ was 100% successful and 2) what degree of cell changes you had at the time they completed it.


Thanks this is reassuring. The whole process has been a bit of a whirlwind for me. I didn’t receive any communications from the GP. Just a call from the hospital out the blue for an appt next day so really I don’t feel I’ve had much chance to process and understand what to expect!

Are you in the UK? That’s wild! And in my opinion unacceptable for health providers to be giving so little information to patients. I also just got a text message out of the blue for my LLETZ procedure and am struggling to contact anyone to discuss it.

I’ve found this forum and /PreCervicalCancer on Reddit to be really helpful communities.

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Mine was done in exactly the same way, I turned up for my appointment, they completed the treatment and it took 4 weeks for the results to come back.

Thank you for replying. It’s helpful to know that it’s potentially normal! Hope your results were all ok.

Mine came confirmed cin 3, I think they send everyones off. I’ve read stories on here where they thought it was cin 3 and its turn out an even lower cin. after. I’ve just had my test of cure so currently waiting for the results.

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