Second colposcopy?

Hi, back in April I had abnormal cells so I was sent for a colposcopy and they performed a lletz there and then which was cin3. I’ve recently had my 6 month follow up smear and recieved the results today which said the cells looked normal but tested positive for HPV. They are sending me for another colposcopy which I’m confused about if the cells looked normal? Why do I need this? And does anyone know if they might perform lletz again? I’m praying they don’t! I don’t know if these results are cause for celebration or not, not sure how to take it?

Hi Lynne,

I think the colposcopy is done because you tested positive for hpv. It does not mean you have abnormal cells. But they want to check.


Hi and thanks for the reply.  Hopefully they won't want to do a biopsy this time