Lower back pain after LLETZ?


I had my LLETZ treatment on Wednesday (4 days ago) after my Smear said Moderate changes and now I have lower back pain.  I was told to take it easy and not to do any heavy lifting for a couple of days and my mum has been helping me.  I did lift my 18 month old up a couple of times yesterday and he's a lump! I have been getting a yellowish watery discharge which is supposed to be normal? I don't think it smells unusual and no bleeding.

Did anyone else have back pain? I'm wondering if it may be the start of an infection.

My stomach hurts too but I suspect this may be a bout of my IBS returning through the stress of everything going on at the moment. (Also just left my partner)

Any advice would be reassuring, thank you! 


August 2014 - Smear test- abormal, high grade dyskariosis (still breastfeeding 6 month old)

September 2014 - Colposcopy and punch biopsies- mild dyskariosis.

September 2015 - Smear test - moderate dyskariosis

7 October  2015- LLETZ treatment. Awaiting results.



i had my lletz on Tuesday 6th so I'm only a day ahead of you! I have had some lower back pain it has started to get better now. I've had light but constant pinky discharge which again I think is normal. I'm also coeliac and get bouts of ibs too which doesn't help!

ive felt pretty wiped out and I think it's all pretty normal so don't worry. The nurse said to me remember it is a wound that is healing it's just inside so we can't we it.


good luck with your results, hopefully we don't have to wait too long