low grade dyskaryosis help

I need help I’m worrying so much I’ve had high risk HPV for 6 years (that I know of) but never any cell changes I just go for smears every year
I used to pay private as I wasn’t of age for the NHS I just had my first one on the NHS and it’s come back I have low grade dyskaryosis and still have high risk HPV
I’m 26 and have 2 little boys and I just can’t seem to get rid of the HPV I’m so worried it’ll turn into cancer and I’ll have to leave them behind
All I keep seeing online is how HPV clears within 2 years why didn’t mine? I have a healthy diet I don’t smoke or drink I can’t help but cry

Hi. I’m in the same position, I have high grade dyskaryosis and 2 young boys. I feel physically sick at the thought of leaving them, really struggling to cope.
I’ve never smoked, never done drugs, don’t drink and have even given up caffeine recently to be as healthy as I can for them and now this. Feel so lost.
I feel like the constant thought of it being cancer is my instincts telling me it is.

Hi @Heatherthompson @emma9,

Im in the same boat as you. Had my smear last october & reaults came back with high grade HPV & low grade dyskarosis. I also have 2 young children aged 15 & 10. I was the same as you @emma9 when i got my results. Convinced myself it was C after having mild cell changes when i was 23 (im now 36) all my smears always came back as fine until last year so my mind was in overdrive that id had it all these years & something had been missed due to my area only testing for HPV in the mast few years. I had a colposcopy last december & the lady who did it said she wasnt concerned & to go back to my gp in a year for a smear. Well the year is up & im trying to find the courage to book my appointment. My husband has told me to wait until after christmas as last year was consumed by the smear result & waiting time for colposcopy but the logical side of me is thinking well no i have to book it as soon as so i can know the reaults & deal with them either way you know. Sorry for rambling on…its just a very anxious & worrying time for so many of us. You arent alone. Do either of you have a colposcopy booked? Xx

Hey. Yes I had my colposcopy and cells removed last week so waiting a few weeks for results back.
Have you booked your appointment? I think you need to do it - whenever I get my letter I do it straight away, it’s best to face these things head on. It’d be on your mind over Christmas if it’s done or not.

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Hopefully your results will be back quickly for you.
I will book my appointment for next week, currently on my period so will have to wait until that has finished. Yes youre absolutly right it will be on my mind either way so best to get it seen to as soon as. Fingers crossed for positive results for us all :crossed_fingers:t3:

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