Low grade dyskaryosis hpv

Hi all after endless reading and scaring my self silly I'm looking for some advice from someone who has been in my position. I'm 25 26 this year I've just had my first ever smear because I was pregnant last year and couldn't have it. Anyway it's came back abormal low grade dyskaryosis and says I have evodence of a hpv infection found when the tested for high risk hpv. I'm beyond myself with worry that I've got cancer. This hpv teating high risk does this mean I have one of the 12 strains linked to getting cervical cancer ? Will it go away or will hpv always be with me. I've got my colposcopy in 3 weeks time. ( seems such a long wait) has anyone else been in this position I would be keen to listen to your outcomea. I'm scared that I won't get to see my children grow up :((( 


Hi Natalie, hope you’re doing ok. : ) The changes on your smear have indicated low grade changes and that’s why you haven’t been given an urgent colposcopy referral…It’s good news although I know that won’t ease your worry and you’ll just want it all over and done with. Many many women in this world have high risk hpv infections and most won’t even know about it so try not to worry too much about that side of things…My Dr told me it’s like your cervix has a cold. : ) I’ve read up to 80% of the population will contract hpv at some point during their lives. Most low grade changes (if they’re even evident at colposcopy) are left alone and not treated as many changes at this stage can return to normal by themselves. Keep positive…You’ll be fine! : ) xx