Lost at where to go next

My most recent smear came back abnormal, and I was sent for a colposcopy this also came back that I had CIN1 with HPV they are leaving this for monitoring for a year. However I am also experiencing symptoms along side this I was probably a bit naive and I put it initially down to my implant but I have been bleeding post sex this now makes much more sense now I have my results. My doctor also has sent me for an ultrasound and they found a cyst but they want to monitor this for 3 months. I have just been sent for a blood test as I have now been bleeding continuously since Christmas so 3 months due to continuing tests setting my bleeding back off. I just want ideas on where I can go from here as the doctors do seem less and less interested as the cyst is not of worrying size cin1 isn’t cancer yet. But no human should be bleeding like this and I’m now bleeding so much I’m getting light headed regularly and the fatigue is too much which makes me unable to concentrate properly at work. I’m getting desperate.