Bleeding between periods after CIN3

Hi everyone,

I had a routine smear Jan 21 that showed HPV and CIN3 abnormal cells, I had them removed in Feb 21 by lletz procedure. Had test of cure in August 21, HPV clear so no cells tested as this is normal procedure now I believe.

The last 2-3 month I’ve had bleeding in between periods. Sometimes almost like a normal period, sometimes just spotting.

Went to the doctors as I was concerned to to what had previously happened and also my father died from bowel cancer aged 54 (although I do realise they aren’t linked).

She did an examination and said that I have some red patches on my cervix and discharge by the cervix also. I’ve been out on the urgent pathway again for colposcopy for investigation and also for an ultrasound scan.

I’m so scared that this has happened again, and I’m obviously thinking the worse as last time there was no discharge and no symptoms at all and they didn’t do an ultrasound or anything last time either. Has this happened to anyone else?

I’m so scared and it’s all I can think about. Hopefully the appointment comes through quickly!

Hey I hope you are ok, I’m just wondering if you got any further with your colposcopy and if so what was the result if you don’t mind sharing? I had loop treatment in January and now having spotting and pain again which was the first symptoms I had which got me to the dr in the first place.


Sorry to hear you have gone through similar situation as me!

I had an ultrasound and they examined me, I’ve got 2 cysts on my right ovary and I have a small growth, they said they think it’s a uterine polyp but they can’t be sure, I was sent for another examination and they basically said that my ultrasound notes were not sent over so they couldn’t tell me when they are going to take it off because they can’t see it on normal examination it’s too far up!

So I’ve got to wait for the doctors to send the ultrasound notes to him and then he’s got to write me a letter explaining what they need to do!

So frustrating!

Hope you’re ok and you get sorted soon! Did they say you had clear margins after your lletz? The consultant did say to me that it’s very unlikely to be abnormal cells again so soon if you had clear margins. But that doesn’t stop me worrying! Xx