Looking for some advice

Good morning. 


I am currently supporting my girlfriend as her mum has been diagnosed with advanced stage cervical cancer

I have found other people's stories on this forum really helpful for keeping me positive and that in turn is keeping my girlfriend hopeful so firstly thank you for your stories and bravery.

My question is her mum has just finished her first batch of treatment which was both chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Before treatment her tumour was 6cm and we were told the tumour had begun to shrink during treatment which was amazing news however between the six weeks finishing treatment and having her next scan it has now grown to 8cm.

The more I learn from other people the easier I find it to support her I am wondering if anyone else has a similar experience... I am still extremely positive that the tumour has responded in some form during the treatment. And I am hoping they can up the strength ect and try again. 


Hi James17,

I'm not sure! I had to wait over 3 months for my scan though after finishing treatment because the chemoradiation keeps working, so it was 3.5 nearly 4 months. My tumour (which was 8-10cm) didn't increase in size though. I had my maximum possible amount of radiation to my pelvis, so that is not an option for me in the future, and I would only more chemo if it had spread to a new area. It really depends on how much treatment she's had, and how her body is coping with it. Sometimes they like to give the body a rest too, my oncologist wouldn't have given chemotherapy to me without a break.

Hopefully, someone with a similar experience can help, but often the team looking after your girlfriends mum, are the best guide for her.