Lletz staging different to MRI


I was diagnosed with 1a1 cervical cancer on Wednesday and I am due to have an MRI on Friday I just wondered if anyone has been staged 1a1 from lletz but higher following mri?
How long did it take to receive mro results?


Hi Natalie. I know alot of people don't even get an mri scan where they're stage 1a1 as alot of hospitals say its not necessary so it's good you're getting one. I was 1a1 and my consultant offered me an mri just because my anxiety was so bad. I'd already had the lletz and a second cone biopsy then the mri and the mri came back all clear. I think with a cancer as small as 1a1 it's extremely unlikely that it would of had a chance to spread but its good to have the mri for reassurance and to be on the safe side x

Also my results were fast tracked as I had a results from the cone biopsy appointment about a week after with my consuktsnt. My nurse actually called with with the results after 2 or 3 days. Think it can normally take a couple of weeks but I was crippled with anxiety so they got it done quickly for me x


I'm a 1A1, I had a MRI as there was a visible growth and high grade CGIN with no clear margins. Initially I was a ?1B/1A. The MRI and second lletz confirmed 1A1 tumour size 2.5x5mm. 
Good luck xxxx

Thank you. I am pleased they are doing it and they seem so on the ball its just nerves and worry. They said I should know by next Friday results of ct and mri 

Thanks for your reply. Did you not for a hysterectomy? They will do a second larger loop in a couple of weeks anyway unless something else shown on mri. Its tbw waiting which I know wont be long but it's just everyday trying to focus on work and kids. And from smear to lletz every doctor/nurse has said I've never net anyone with cervical cancer or had anyone have it found from smear/cin3 which looks regular !

It's tough, I felt the same. I'd never had an abnormal ever and then this! It really was a bolt from the blue. I had a second lletz too. 
After A LOT of deliberation (my alternative was 6 monthly colposcopy) I decided on a hysterectomy in view of adenocarcinoma (glandular cancer) and irregular bleeding. After my hysterectomy my consultant had said my cervix was so scarred that they wouldn't have been able to see what they needed to during colposcopy.

Hopefully your actual tumour is tiny too xxxxx

I have mri monday and mdt meeting on Friday she said will call with results which is annoying because of work. Do you think made right choice x

Hi Natalielala

Yes I do. I have had some sad times where I have grieved the children I did not have however I am so lucky that I have 2 children and I needed to ensure this cancer has the least chance of returning for them. 

Have a good discussion with your consultant and explore all the options. Make the decision that's right for you xxxx