Hi all,


I had my smear in June 2017...results came back abnormal so was booked in for colposcopy end of June, tried to do Lletz under local but consultant wasnt comfortable. 3 punch biopsies taken. Booked in for lletz 12th july under GA, next appointment 15th Sept no letters in the meantime with results diagnosed stage 1A1 CC recommended Hysterectomy. Hysterectomy took place 5th Oct 2017.


My question is how come some go for MRI etc I was in so much shock i didnt really ask questions, i was in and out of his room and in the pre op waiting area within 10 mins. 


I know it will be different procedures in different areas etc, i have my follow up on the 27th and some help with questions to ask would be great. 


I was diagnosed in April as stage 2b.

I was first diagnosed with stage 1b and I had to have an MRI to check if it has spread which then confirmed stage 2b as it had marginally spread up into my uterus.

I think Stage 1a1 is still very early stages so doesn't require an MRI as it is very unlikely to have spread anywhere.

I hope this helps and I hope that you are feeling better after your surgery.


Hi Hun, I would definitely ask about Mri as I was diagnosed 1a2 after biopsy and was sent for Mri and ct scan to confirm no spread.


Hello I was diagnosed 1b1 and had no mri prior to my op. I am not sure why but I did have a cone biopsy before my op so maybe that's why. Xx