Lletz results 5 and half weeks

Hey everyone just a quick update for any ladies going thru same thing. I had lletz(loop diathermy) on 2 Nov, results took nearly 6 weeks to come back, wee bit stressful. Original letter referring said hpv+ and cell changes. Didn’t ask lot of questions at colposcopy, would advise that any other ladies write some down before appt. Had no idea what they saw, apart from abnormal cells, which they removed at appt to send to lab. Got letter on Sat 11th Dec to say found Cin 1, not cancer, and have to attend for smear in 6 months. Can enjoy Christmas now. Good luck to all the ladies attending colposcopy and please ask if you have any questions. This page has been a mine of information for me.


It’s lovely to hear good news. I’m happy for you, I had my coloscopy and lletz on the 7th of Dec and hoping for the same results. Have a lovely Christmas x


Good luck with your results, fingers crossed for a clear return. Hope you manage to have a lovely Christmas x

That’s fab news. I’m still waiting results of mine. I’m only 11 days in so doubt I’ll hear anything soon. But have a fab Christmas xxx


Please enjoy your Christmas and I will have my fingers crossed that your results are good. X

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