Lletz query

Hi all, 

I posted here lately about my colposcopy I had at the end of July. I’m still awaiting my result, 3.5 weeks now of a 4-6week wait. At my colposcopy appointment I had a biopsy also. But when I think back to the appointment I remember an odd burning smell and I am now wondering did I have Lletz also? TMI I also remember seeing alot of black substance afterwards on the bed. App time was about 30 mins in all, lovely doc, mentioned biopsy, did local anesthetic etc but never said the word Lletz, Im reading about how Lletz has the burning smell so Im wondering. I’m in Ireland. Maybe this waiting game is sending me do-lally!!


Were you given a local anaesthetic? The burning smell you describe is normal during a LLETZ so it sounds like you probably did have one, I had to sign a document to agree to it beforehand, did you not?

Hi Jules if they gave you lletz they would have put a sticky pad on your leg I think it counteracts the electrical current of the device they use during lletz but I'm sure they would have told you if they were performing one I'm also in Ireland and just had one the other day and they use like a long Hoover type device and sounds quite loud so if that sounds familiar it could have been lletz but after biopsy you will have discharge like you describe have you still not had any results yet xx 


I’m on a similar timeline to you, I didn’t know on the day I had a Lletz (they only said biopsy and I didn’t know to ask otherwise) but they did indeed do a Lletz. I’m still waiting for results too so hoping it’s positive outcome for us both x

Thank you ladies. I didnt have the sticker on my leg but I did have a loud machine. I’d say I did have one, strange that I didnt have to sign anything beforehand. I will ask did I have a Lletz treatment when I get my results. Hopefully I will get my results soon, 4 weeks waiting now. Wishing you all the very best with your results. Xxx

Hi Jules it sounds like you did x which is probably a good thing I had to wait weeks and the anticipation was worse than the actual procedure so fingers crossed your results are here soon my dear xx please let us know when you get them will be thinking of you xx

Thats a pity you had to wait weeks for the Lletz treatment.  I hope your results are very good now after the Lletz.

I was talking to my nurse at the gp yesterday, she said there is now a 2-3 month wait on smear results, imagine.


Thanks Jeanie x 


I got my results today. The biopsy showed CIN 3. Of course Im googling! I have to have LLetz in 2weeks. (So that means I didn’t actually already have Lletz)Anyway fingers crossed that will be the end of it tHen. Xx

Hey Jules so glad you got your results and even though it's cin3 it's totally treatable and lletz is prety much the same as the colposcopy you might just need a few days to take it easy after wards xx I had to wait nearly 8 weeks for mine it was awful so the tension really built up but I'm so glad it's done now and just waiting now for that letter telling me they got it all Laughing let me know how you get on with your lletz so glad it's soon for you xx