Lletz and further biopsies

I had Lletz procedure early last week.
Having what appears to be the normal water / brown discharge after, rather peculiar smell like I’m unclean. But otherwise no pain and no issues. If smell continues I’ll get a dr appt.

Originally my smear said low grade but colposcopy showed CIN3. Had my treatment but the dr noticed 2 other areas “higher up” from the dyes and took biopsies.
She said she could not remove the areas then as they were higher up and would be much too painful on local anaesthetic, the treatment if needed would be at another hospital.
So now the wait for results again and my head is in a spin.
Wondering if anyone else has had similar and could share?
Thanks x

Hi Katy, I’m sorry you are going through this....the waiting is the worst part, but it is really good that the dr took those biopsies! 


When I had my original Colposcopy, the Consultant very nearly didn’t bother as it all looked ok....a week later he informed me of my CC, he explained that he was just so glad he did the biopsy. So any biopsies, in my mind, are worthwhile. They truly have you on their radar now and will push through to treat in anyway necessary.

You are not alone with the spinning  head ;-) and the forum are a great place to realise all your emotions are normal in this process. I hope it all works out on your journey, let us know when you hear.... I have my fingers crossed that you get your answers soon x