Im 25 had a baby 9mths ago had a smear 3 wks ago and came bk with abnormal results been for colposcopy today and had LLETZ now waiting for results im totally scared about them. The procedure itself was extremely painful even though id had an anaesthetic. Anyone eles going through the same thing at the moment, iv not told family as i dont want them to worry and no one has been in the situation so they wouldnt be able to relate to this.... any advice would be appriciated 


Hi Shantelle,

I'm in the same boat as you at the moment, I had my colposcopy on Friday with Lletz and a biopsy taken and am too waiting for results. 

Did they give you any idea how long it will take to get them? I think it varies from area to area with time frames, I was told if not heard anything after 6 weeks then to chase them up.

I understand how scared you are about them its a horrible feeling as many ladies on this site will tell you the waiting its tough. I understand too about people bit being able to relate to it as I've told a couple of family members and they don't really say a lot! 

My goodness I found the procedure really painful too and I also had the LA, I really found it extremely uncomfortable and have already decided if I need further treatment will be tempted to ask for a GA instead. I fainted during mine too it all got a bit much lol!

Must be hard for you too having these things done so soon after having your baby, but use the fact that you have a wonderful little one to keep your mind off the horrible wait for results :-)

Keep posting on here as there are so many lovely ladies with loads of advice to get you through the wait.

Take care,

Shell xxx


Hi shantelle 

I also had LLETZ on Friday and awaiting my result!! They told me 3-4 weeks am hoping it's no longer! Il be tempted to call if it is!! Hate waiting!

I your not the only one that found it painful...I had 3 injections and could still feel it! I did mention a big Ouch to the nurse and she gave me another needle which helped!! All in all it wasn't too bad after that, just a bit uncomfy....

My little one is 9 weeks, iv had CIN 3 since 2012 but always fell pregnant before treatment could be done! ( I have 4 under 4's!) am just glad it's all over fingers x'd! Am anxiously awaiting results!!

Kgood luckladies, keep us posted :)


My gynecologist said 4-6wks as i was extremly uncomfortable last night i sat and told my partner who like anything eles is really supportive, and disappointed that i didnt tell him at 1st, yes my little one is a big distraction hopefully my results will be through in no time and i can get on with things. My gynecologist also suggested if i need any further treatment ill be best with a ga. In all honesty i didnt understand a few things and now regrett not asking more questions but after the procedure i just wanted to leave and come home!

Thanks for the support ladies and good luck to u both.