Lletz - NEWBIE - worried

Hi all,


I know a lot of these posts have put up posts about this,  but I was gettting a bit lost in all the threads so I started a new one.


I had colposcpy where they confirmed that there was a small area of abnormal cells so then followed by lletz he said he gave me

the smaler tratement (not sure what that meants?)


Anyway I felt awful after  just very drousy and sick prob the LA they gave me. To make it all worse i was due on my period

that wednesday/Thursday. Im on the pill and it usually comes the wed/thursday of my break week. It came late thursday night

which is late for me. I had really bad nausea since the op and bad period pains which i never usually have.

Not to get too graphic but it seemed a lil heavier than usual as well, the nurse at hospital said It shouldnt effect  my 

Period. Anyway I came off yesterday and I still have really bad craps and nausia and the brownish liquid Ive read about on here.


Feels like I need the loo a lot and its a lil stingy - this has only started since my period stopped so it may be a side effect from that.


Im just worried as should it make me feel this unwell? I dont have a temp just feel sick and achy.


Any advice would be much appreciated!!!!


Thank you in advance



Hey Suzanne, sorry you're not having a brilliant time. I think the brownish liquid and needing the loo lots is normal (I found this as well) and I was told it can cause cramps although I think I got away with that one. I wonder if the heavier period was due to a combination of period and healing? My first period after lletz was pretty horrifying. The nausea is interesting and probably worth ringing the doctor about in case it's a sign of infection. Generally speaking I don't think lletz should make you feel unwell as such, there's obviously expected side effects as with any procedure but I'm not sure about nausea. If in doubt ring the doc and I hope you feel better soon! Xxx

Hi Suzanne

I had my LLETZ under general anaesthetic last Friday, and the consultant who did it recommended that I take a second pack of pills back to back with the current one, to delay my period a bit. I guess it's too late for you to do that now, but wanted to reply as she did also tell me that my first period after the LLETZ was likely to be heavier than usual, and that that was quite normal and to be expected.

Does sound like you might have a little infection in the waterworks, probably nothing major and will no doubt sort itself out. Drink lots and lots of water to flush it out, and also cranberry juice helps quite a bit.

Hope you're feeling better soon

x x


Thank you both for your reply!


This is such a wonderful forum, we all need support from one another.


I have started to feel better so I am just going to monitor it for now. If things get worse I will def go to the docs!


Thanks again and all the best to you both.



Glad to hear your feeling a bit better :). This is all bad enough as it is without feeling unwell thrown in the mix! Big hugs xxx