LLETZ for CGIN and routine 3 year screen


I had a LLETZ just over 3 years ago for high grade CGIN and high risk HPV. I had a 6 month test of cure and smear was normal and no HPV and I was returned to normal 3 year screening. 

I went to the Docs yesterday as I had spotting and some pelvic discomfort and I was told that I should have had a 12 month follow up which I wasn't called for. NHS website indicates that the 3 year screening is correct. Anyone else had similar experiences? I would love to know how you got on.

I'm just a bit anxious given the higher recurrence rate in those treated for glandular abnormalities. 




my wife is currently awaiting her smear after 2 treatments and endless tests for severe cin 3 years ago.
It is very nerve wracking-especially as my wife has had a baby in between which I know can cause hpv to reactivate and accelerate cell changes.

I really hope you get a good result from your latest smear. The waiting is no fun and I like you was surprised they wait 3 years.