Lletz biopsy results

I previously had a lletz procedure a month ago and I called and spoke to a gynae nurse to see when the latest I should expect results as my letter said 2-4 weeks. She said she could give me the secretaries number and if it was straightforward she could probably tell me over the phone. So I called the secretary and she said the results were there and she had to print them and the consultant has to review them. I’m worrying this means it’s not straightforward news and I might need further treatment. Do all results getting reviewed or just sent out if all ok? :confounded:
Thanks xx

Hi, im in exactly the same posision, i rang last Wednesday and was told the same, still heard nothing so im hoping no news is good news!! Its just so frustrating and nerve racking waiting :sleepy: hope you get yours soon xx

That’s what I’m hoping, that it’s not urgent enough for the consultant to get back to me now so maybe it’s all fine but if they have my results why can’t they just put me out my misery :confounded::confounded: I hope you get yours soon too! It’s literally the worst waiting for results :woman_facepalming:t3::disappointed: xx

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I gave up and rang again!! Been told my results are still with my consultant and he has to write up my letter to the gp, I’ll get it at the same time through my nhs app, should get them by mid week next week!! She did say that if the pathologist finds anything they ring the secretary to tell her to flag the results up with consultant, if this doesnt happen then there is normally nothing scary in the results! Hope this has put your mind at rest a bit as it did me xx

Oh that is reassuring! Fingers crossed for next week then :crossed_fingers:t3: xxx

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