Letter after LLETZ and biopsy

I had LLETZ and my colposcopy in one appointment three weeks ago. i was told my biopsy results would be 4-6 weeks however I have had a letter come through today asking me to come to an appointment with a consultant a week from today. I am concerned as the letter contained no results and I’m a bit worried the appointment is to deliver the bad news? It does advise that if I’m on my period to rearrange the appointment which confuses me even more! Has anyone else had anything similar? 

Hi Simone,

I had the same situation and like you was worried about it.

I was told that they had found early stage 1a1 cancer but this was all contained with clear margins in the LLETZ, however they didnt get clear margins on the abnormal cells hence why i was called in to dicuss having a 2nd LLETZ.

It could be that you need another one so try not to panic at this stage.

Please let us know how you get on x