Lletz 2 years ago now bleeding in pregnancy

Hi all,

im not sure where to post this and getting quite stressed

i had lletz 2 years ago to remove CIN 2 and treatment went well. I had a clear normal Smear 6 months after treatment and was put back on 3 year recall. 
All has been fine since. 
Now I'm pregnant and my cervix seems to be so sensitive- I have a light bleed sometimes after sex or when straining if very constipated. 
I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I've had 3 scans and baby is well- which leaves me wondering why I'm bleeding. 
could my cervix be more sensitive due to lletz?
im worrying like mad that the abnormal cells are back but then also unsure if it's just due to pregnancy hormones as these symptoms have only started since pregnancy. 
Has anyone else experienced a more sensitive cervix during pregnancy after lletz? Xxx 

thanks xxxx 

Hi there! Hope you are doing great. Actually, bleeding or spotting is one of the effects of pregancy. I guess it has nothing to do with your previous condition, but if you want assurance, maybe it would be okay to contact your doctor to be sure.