Irregular periods and bleeding 1 year after Lletz ( children & pregnancy mentioned)

Hello everyone, this is my first post although I have been visiting this site for a while now. I was hoping for some advice and possibly talk to someone in a similar position.  I'm 34 and following a routine smear test I was told I had borderline changes. The same day I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child! Anyway, I had several colposcopies whilst pregnant, just to keep an eye on things and soon after giving birth my consultant took a biopsy, which came back as Cin2 & 3 and 9 weeks after the birth, last October it was, I had LLETZ treatment to remove it, which was succesful. I then had my follow up smear in May this year, which came back clear and no HPV infection. However, since the LLETZ almost a year ago, I have had irregular bleeding, usually consisting of a brown discharge a week before my period. Then the last couple of months ive pretty much spotted on and off for 2 weeks each month . No heavier than a normal period for me, consisting of brown blood and fresh (sorry if it's tmi!) I have seen my GP, who seems to think it's hormonal and it's just coincidence it's happened after my LLETZ. I feel reassured that my smear test in May was clear but I cant help thinking they missed something! I probably wouldnt be ascworried but I lost my cousin to CC in August, she was only 26 (bless her heart) and it's in my mind constantly. Has anyone here had a similar experience?  For those with upcoming LLETZ treatmrnt, can I just say, my experience was a positive one. I was terrified the whole time but I can honestly say I never felt a thing, not even the local. I know everyone is different but I hope this reassures people because I know how worried I was. Positive thoughts and healing hugs to you all xxx 

hey, i hope you are doing ok.

I've had some crossover in the symptoms you mention and was told the same.  That it is a coincidence and it is my hormones.

I've had 2 ultrasound scans to rule out anything sinister, all came back clear.  I think it  can mess with your hormones, but do push to have some extra tests if you feel something is not right.  Its better to be sure if you are worried.


Hello, thankyou so much for the quick reply!  You're right, it's best to be sure so I'm going to make an appointment. It's such a worry, especially when I've never had any problems my periods before. Help to talk to others who have experienced something similar too, his site is fantastic, so pleased I found it :) x 

I'm sure if you asked for another smear to put your mind at rest then the Dr would go ahead. I had the same positive experience of lletz too, didn't feel the injections or treatment at all, although the local sent me a bit do-lally, think that was down to me being so anxious too. 


I too have followed posts but it's my first day as a member.

I've been having irregular bleeding (and post-coital bleeding)  for almost 4 years following LLETZ for CIN3. After blood tests and ultrasounds and a lot of frustration I have finally been diagnosed with a cervical ectropian (nothing to worry about). The colposcopy nurse is pretty sure this is what's responsible for my symptoms. Your symptoms may be hormone related but might be worth getting checked out again. My GP had seen it previously but had never suggested that this may be the cause of my symptoms (I think she just thought the abnormal appearance was because of the LLETZ treatment). It wasn't until the colposcopy nurse saw it that a diagnosis was made! 

Hope things settle down for you!